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Fort Bragg

- Redwood stump at logging camp on Noyo, 9 ft. 4 in. diam. longest way, 1223 rings counted and 150 estimated at burned center by Mr. R.H. Swales_. I should have said 100; however, he has had considerable experience counting Redwood rings.

_ Forester, Union Lumber Co.
June 26, 1903

No. 2216. Tsuga heterophylla Sarg. Hemlock Taken from same tree as bark sample. North slope, bank of Noyo River, north fork, about 16 or 20 miles from Ft. Bragg by railroad.

No. 2217. Picea sitchensis Carr. Sitka Spruce. Leaves spread eqully every way except straight down on the under side. Very narrow & cuspidate-prickly. Two stomatal bands on under side. Leaves on under side of branchlet are first to fall, leaving prominent raised scars. The lateral branchlets seem invariably to arise from buds a little back of the terminal instead of alongside of it as in Abies grandis. Look this matter up farther. -- Noyo. Also mature cones.
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