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Usal to Cottonaby Creek

the filament at base! Staminodia not closing the tube (erect), a short but distinct mucronation at apex, the edges slightly turned in. Stigma reaching base of anthers. Outer segments much narrower than inner.

No. 2210. [Sambucus racemosa var. callicarpa.] Red Elder-berry. Is making a fine display with its great cluster of bright red berries. In the bottoms.
- Feazel's made an ideal camping spot -- an open place on the ridge surrounded by Redwood, Douglas Spruce and Tan Oak. To the west stretched the Pacific Ocean, to the east the measureless forest and overhead the Redwoods! There were a few apple and peach trees left, and Locusts and a poor little Rose-bush. A home destroyed and forgotten -- that is sad to one.
June 24, 1903.

- There is a great display of fire-burned redwoods between Kenny's and Usal, reclothing themselves with foliage, sometimes it is a great stub 70 ft. h. all enveloped in soft green stuff a foot thick, sometimes it is a column 200 ft. h. the dead limbs sticking out of the sheath of leaves, or the arms or limbs commonly become green again. The peculiarity is that all but the axis and primary branches are fire-killed and the innumerable buds gives rise to branches which are all of the same length for several years. One tree looked something like a cross! The under side of horizontal branches do not send out new shoots.
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