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Biological Relations cont_d.
[Orchis, production of new] tubers, 2_14
Old trees with flat hat-like crowns, 18_113
Palms, vascular bundles, 6_95
Palo Verdes, male and female, 26_105
Parallel variations, 28_85
Parthenogenesis, 28_177
Persistence of native plants in cultivated areas in Vaca Valley, 36_148; 40_29
Persistent cones on Pinus radiata, 40_115
Pine, Bishop, loss of leader, 7_103
Pine, cause of acorn crop failure, 41_100
Pine cones, position of, 25_117
Pine, White, Blister Rust control, 39_101
Pine, Yellow, large tap-root, 5_185
Biological Relations cont_d.
Pinus ponderosa, Jeffreyi, histological and chemical differences, 49_105
Plant circles, (See also Fairy circles), 33_115; 40_141
Pt. Reyes, earthquake rift, 16_156
Pollard tree, branches, 7_62, 7_105
Primitive types, origin of, 49_192
Proliferation, 28_171
Propagation, 18_81
Propagation by cuttings, 18_46
Protection from frost, effect on lemon trees, 15_98
Pseudotsuga taxifolia, grown over stump, 8_146
Quercus Kelloggii, diseased, 11_96
Quercus lobata, abnormal, 47_320
Quercus burl pathological, 47_321
Quercus root structure, 46_119
Quercus sudden fall of limbs, 40_8
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