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California Moss eFlora

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Tortula atrovirens (J. E. Smith) Lindberg [Pottiaceae]
map of distribution
photo by Game
Tortula_atrovirens: Species treatment still being edited. Mail a correction to Paul Wilson
LiteratureKellman 2003; Millspaugh and Nuttall 1923; Shevock and Toren 2001. As Barbula atrovirens Watson 1880. As Desmatodon californicus Lesquereux 1868. As Desmatodon convolutus Flowers 1973; Harpel 1980a; Harthill et al. 1979; Koch 1950a; Koch and Ikenberry 1954; McCleary 1972; Sayre 1940; Sigal 1975; Spjut 1971; Steere 1954; Toren 1977; Yurky 1990, 1995. As Desmatodon nervosus Kingman 1912. As Desmatodon nervosus var. edentulus Brandegee 1891; Lesquereux 1868; Lesquereux and James 1884.
IllustrationsFlowers 1973; Smith 1978; Zander 1993.
BioregionsCW, DMoj, DSon, SN, SW.
VouchersImperial Co.: about 2 miles east of Mountain Springs County Park, Colorado Desert, Norris & Piippo 82087 (determined by Delgadillo); Inyo Co.: mouth of Grapevine Canyon, Death Valley National Park, Norris 10217a (determined by Crum); Kern Co.: Highway 178, Lower Kern River Canyon at Richbar, Sequoia National Forest, Shevock & Tan 13035; Lake Co.: Hell's Peak, Toren 649 (SFSU, UC); Orange Co.: Mojeska Canyon near Tucker Bird Sanctuary, Cleveland National Forest, Shevock 4001; San Luis Obispo Co.: Highway 166 at Clear Creek, Los Padres National Forest, Norris 80633 (determined by Delgadillo); Santa Barbara Co.: Windmill Canyon, Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, Shevock 20766 (determined by Delgadillo).
keyimagelink(25%)http://herbaria4.herb.berkeley.edu/drawings/ToAtNorris10219c.gif caption: drawing by Montalvo of Norris 10219c

Elevation by latitude plot for Tortula atrovirens
   in California

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