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California Moss eFlora

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Gymnostomum aeruginosum Sm. [Pottiaceae]

Plants in dense turfs or cushions to 1.5 cm high, green to yellow-green or somewhat glaucous, not at all glossy. Leaves erect-spreading when moist but appressed to slightly crispate when dry, narrowly ligulate to spatulate, broadest near the middle, to 2 mm long, about 4–6: 1. Median laminal cells to 12 µm broad, in straight rows, thin-walled, irregularly quadrate to very short rectangular with rounded lumens and rather strong corner thickenings, densely pluripapillose. Basal cells short rectangular with straight lateral walls, to 16 µm broad, about 2–3: 1, smooth, thick-walled but not pitted, extending farther along the margin than along the costa. Costa occupying 1/3–1/5 of leaf base, tapering and ending a few cells before the broadly acute to obtuse apex. Abaxial cells of costa short rectangular, to 8 µm broad, to 4: 1, sparsely papillose. Adaxial cells of costa similar to those of the adjacent lamina. Laminal insertion separated by about 180·¯· of arc on the the perimeter of the nearly round costa section, dorsal and ventral stereids clearly defined but with guide cells rather small and without a differentiated epidermis on either surface. Margin crenulate-papillose but otherwise entire, plane and unistratose throughout. Axillary hairs to 150 µm, 3–6 celled with a poorly defined basal brown cells Rhizoids red-brown, to 12 µm wide at base, smooth and extensively branched, arising on stem at adaxial costa insertion. Stem with central strand, thin-walled inner cortical cells and an abruptly differentiated group of 1–2 rows of thicker walled, smaller outer cortical cells; hyaloderm not differentiated.

Dioicous. Perichaetial leaves sheathing and a little longer than the adjacent vegetative leaves. Seta to 5 mm, yellow to red-brown, smooth. Capsule erect and symmetrical with the urn ovoid to oblong, not sulcate, 1.5–2: 1, to 0.8 mm long. Operculum rostrate, to 2/3 of length of urn. Annulus differentiated, not revoluble. Peristome absent. Exothecial cells thin-walled, quadrate to very short rectangular, 1–3: 1, to 35 µm wide. Spores to 12 µm, nearly smooth.

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Literatureadded by Malcolm et al. 2009.
Notesknown from WA but not yet known from OR or CA

Elevation by latitude plot for Gymnostomum aeruginosum
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