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California Moss eFlora
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Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedwig) Spruce [Cratoneuraceae]
map of distribution
Coleman 713
Cratoneuron_filicinum: Species treatment still being edited. Mail a correction to Paul Wilson ·
LiteratureHarpel 1980a; Harthill et al. 1979; Koch 1949a, 1950a, 1958; Koch and Ikenberry 1954; Lawton 1971; Long 1978; Mishler 1978; Showers 1982; Spjut 1971; Strid 1974.
IllustrationsMalcolm et al. 2009 p. 231; Flowers 1973; Hedenäs 1993a, 2003; Ireland 1982; Koponen et al. 1995; Lawton 1971; Ochyra 1989; Sharp et al. 1994; Smith 1978.
BioregionsCaR, DMoj, MP, NW, SN, SNE, SW.
VouchersFresno Co.: Redwood Creek above Highway 180, Monarch Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest, Shevock & York 12682 (determined by Ochyra); Lake Co.: headwaters of Bear Creek, Snow Mountain Wilderness, Mendocino National Forest, Toren & Dearing 7490 (CAS); Los Angeles Co.: Dorr Canyon northwest slope of Mt. Burham, Angeles National Forest, Wheeler 8829 & 8830 (CAS, UC) [determined by Hedenäs]; Mono Co.: Koenig Lake near Leavitt Lake east of Sonora Pass, Toiyabe National Forest, Norris 57209; Nevada Co.: Sagehen Creek Biological Station, Tahoe National Forest, Tavares 1965 (UC); Trinity Co.: above Big Boulder Lake west of Carrville, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Norris & Streimann 74842; Tulare Co.: Deep Creek, Little Kern River, Golden Trout Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest, Norris 67881.

Elevation by latitude plot for Cratoneuron filicinum
   in California

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