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California Moss eFlora
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Buxbaumia viridis (A. P. de Candolle) Mougeot & Nestler [Buxbaumiaceae]
map of distribution

   Buxbaumia viridis (DeCandolle) De Candolle in J.B. Mougeot et al Stirp Crypt. Vogeso Rhen 8: 724. 1823.

Plant from a persistent protonemata. Female plants with scale-like ecostate leaves that are sparsely chlorophyllose during their early development with those leaves surrounding a cluster of archegonia without paraphyses. Male plants with a single antheridium borne on an inconspicuous thallus. Sporophyte large and conspicuous (to 15 mm tall) with capsule wall heavily chlorophyllose, and with the seta densely papillose. Capsule at an oblique angle to the seta, brown to straw-colored at maturity with the length about 3–4 times the diameter, Capsule not at all radially symmetric but instead having a more or less planar dorsal face contrasting with a bulging ventral facet without the boundary ridge of B, aphylla Operculum conic, somewhat persistent. Calyptra smooth and little larger than the operculum. Peristome present as a long hyaline tube at the mouth of the capsule. This hyaline tube has 16 pleats with papillosities on the ridges of that tube.

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LiteratureAs Buxbaumia indusiata Spjut 1971.
IllustrationsLawton 1971.
VouchersHumboldt Co.: near Pilot Rock, Six Rivers National Forest, McFarland 01JRM61202 (UC) [determined by Harpel]; Mendocino Co.: Demonstration Forest, Highway 128 near Navarro, Parsons 113 (SFSU), Desjardin 2581 (SFSU) and Giles 121 (SFSU); Trinity Co.: Forest Road 33N45 about 2 miles east of Big Creek Campground, Klamath National Forest, Jennings 99-012 (UC) [determined by Harpel].

Elevation by latitude plot for Buxbaumia viridis
   in California

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