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California Moss eFlora

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Scopelophila (Mitten) Lindberg, 1872.

Scopelophila ligulata, photo by John Game

Scopelophila cataractae is one of the mosses often called "copper mosses" because of the apparent restriction to copper-containing rocks. It is interesting that the only known occurrence of the species in California is near the town of Copperopolis, an area of past copper-mining activities. In California, Scopelophila shares this ecological habit with the completely unrelated Mielichhoferia elongata and Mielichhoferia shevockii (Mielichhoferiaceae). Both Scopelophila and Crumia occupy perennial seepages, and they have a similar pattern of a limbidium of thick-walled and enlarged cells. Unlike Crumia, however, Scopelophila has smooth (not papillose) median laminal cells.
see key to Scouleria Etc.

Species included:
Scopelophila cataractae (Mitten) Brotherus
Scopelophila ligulata (Spruce) Spruce, recognized from CA since 2004

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