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California Moss eFlora

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Pseudobraunia (Lesquereux & T. P. James) Brotherus, 1905.

Pseudobraunia californica, yellowish and creeping

Pseudobraunia is a monotypic genus endemic to western North America. It is closely related to Hedwigia and often grows in close association with that genus on periodically moist rock outcrops. The main basis for separation of the two genera is the exserted sporophyte of Pseudobraunia. Gametophytic differences, however, are such as to make field identification easy. Like Hedwigia, Pseudobraunia is ecostate and hyaline awned with very concave leaves. Pseudobraunia is red-brown in color compared to the gray-green of Hedwigia. Pseudobraunia has a long and flexuose awn compared with the shorter and stiff awn of Hedwigia.
see key to Hedwigia Etc.

Species included:
Pseudobraunia californica (Lesquereux) Brotherus

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