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California Moss eFlora

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Paraleucobryum (Lindberg ex Limpricht) Loeske, 1907.

Paraleucobryum is a rather large acrocarpous moss with somewhat falcate-secund and subulate leaves. Our species has virtually no leaf lamina on either side of the very broad and flattened costa. In cross-section the leaf is uniformly three cell layers thick with the internal layer formed of deep green photosynthetic cells. Paraleucobryum enerve is primarily a Rocky Mountain species which is occasionally found on thin soils over rocks in alpine and subalpine areas of Washington State. We expect that it will eventually be found in California.
see key to Campylopus Etc.

Species included:
Paraleucobryum enerve (Thedenius in C. J. Hartman) Loeske, not known from CA

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