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California Moss eFlora

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Leskea Hedwig, 1801.

The classical distinction between Leskea and Lescuraea centers upon the autoicous sexuality of Leskea and the dioicous sexuality of Lescuraea. It is of some interest that most of our species of Lescuraea often produce sporophytes while our only Leskea (L. polycarpa) has not yet been seen with sporophytes in California. The description of a plant as "dioicous" must be done with great care, and reports of such must be read with caution. Leskea polycarpa closely resembles Lescuraea patens and is best recognized by the greener coloration of the former and the brownish wash of the latter.
see key to Lescuraea Etc.

Species included:
Leskea polycarpa Ehrhart ex Hedwig

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