Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailGU, Haifeng, Zhaohe LUO, Ni ZENG, Binbin LAN & Dongzhao LAN2013 (online, Jun. 30)First record of Pentapharsodinium (Peridiniales, Dinophyceae) in the China Sea, with description of Pentapharsodinium dalei var. aciculiferumPhycol. Research61(4): 256-267, 36 figs., 2 tables
detailMATSUMOTO, Kaoru, & Satoshi SHIMADA2013 (online, Oct. 17)Taxonomic reassessment of Chondrus verrucosus (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales), with a description of Chondrus retortus sp. nov.Phycol. Research61(4): 299-309, 31 figs., 3 tables
detailPAIANO, Monica O., & Orlando NECCHI Jr2013 (online, Jul. 10)Phylogeography of the freshwater red alga Sirodotia (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta) in BrazilPhycol. Research61(4): 249-255, 4 figs., 2 tables
detailREMIAS, Daniel, Steffen JOST, Jens BOENIGK, Johann WASTIAN, & Cornelius LÜTZ2013 (online, Jul. 10)Hydrurus-related golden algae (Chrysophyceae) cause yellow snow in polar summer snowfieldsPhycol. Research61(4): 277-285, fig. 4
detailTREMARIN, Priscila Izabel, Rosildo Santos PAIVA, Thelma Veiga LUDWIG & Lezilda Carvalho TORGAN2013 (online, Sep. 20)Aulocoseira calypsi sp. nov. (Coscinodiscophyceae) from an Amazonian lake, northern BrazilPhycol. Research61(4): 292-298, 20 figs., 1 table
detailYAMAGUCHI, Haruyo, Takeshi NAKAYAMA, & Isao INOUYE2013 (online, Jun. 3)Proposal of Microsquama subgen. nov. for Nephroselmis pyriformis (Carter) Ettl (Nephroselmidophyceae, Chlorophyta)Phycol. Research61(4): 268-269