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The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailCONFORTI, Visitación1993 (Dec)Study of the Euglenophyta from Camaleao Lake (Manaus - Brazil). I. Trachelomonas Ehr.Rev. Hydrobiol. Trop.26(1): 3-18, 1 fig., VIII pls., III tables90 taxa recorded
detailCONFORTI, Visitación1994 (Nov)Study of the Euglenophyta from Camaleao Lake (Manaus - Brazil). II. Strombomonas Defl.Rev. Hydrobiol. Trop.26(3): 187-197, VII pls.43 taxa recorded, incl. 1 n. sp., 2 n.v.
detailCOUCEIRO, Lucía, Isabel MANEIRO, José Miguel RUIZ, & Rodolfo BARREIRO2011 (Apr)Multiscale genetic structure of an endangered seaweed Ahnfeltiopsis pusilla (Rhodophyta): implications for its conservationJ. Phycol.47(2): 259-268, 3 figs., 2 tablesknown from 4 sites in NW Spain, with no evidence of dispersal (using AFLP analysis) among sites
detailGENKAL, S.I., & T.M. MIKHEEVA2006New for science species from the genus Cyclotella Kützing (Bacillariophyta)International Journal on Algae8: 74-77, II pls.Cyclotella narochanica n. sp. apparently published in Algologia 16: 181-186
detailGÓMEZ, Fernando, Purificación LÓPEZ-GARCÍA, & David MOREIRA2011 (Apr)Molecular phylogeny of Dinophysoid Dinoflagellates: the systematic position of Oxyphysis oxytoxoides and the Dinophysis hastata group (Dinophysales, Dinophyceae) J. Phycol.47(2): 393-406, 7 figs.
detailHENRICHS, Darren W., Heidi M. SOSIK, Robert J. OLSON, & Lisa CAMPBELL2011 (Apr)Phylogenetic analysis of Brachidinium capitatum (Dinophyceae) from The Gulf of Mexico indicates membership in the KareniaceaeJ. Phycol.47(2): 366-374, 8 figs.Brachidinium capitatum seemingly closely related to Karenia
detailJO, Bok Yeon, Woongghi SHIN, Sung Min BOO, Han Soon KIM & Peter A. Siver2011 (Apr)Studies on ultrastructure and three-gene phylogeny of the genus Mallomonas (Synurophyceae)J. Phycol.47(2): 415-425, 4 figs., 2 tables
detailKI, Jang-Seu, Myung-Hwan PARK, Myung-Soo HAN2011 (Apr)Discriminative power of nuclear rDNA sequences for the DNA taxonomy of the Dinoflagellate genus Peridinium (Dinophyceae)J. Phycol.47(2): 426-435, 4 figs., 5 tables28S rDNA provides species-level taxonomic descrimination
detailLIN, Showe-Mei, Shi-Yuan YANG, & John M. HUISMAN2011 (Apr)Systematic revision of the genera Liagora and Izziella (Liagoraceae, Rhodophyta) from Taiwan based on molecular analyses and carposporophyte development, with the description of two new speciesJ. Phycol.47(2): 352-365, 8 figs., 2 tablesTitanophycus setchellii n.c., Iziella formosana, n.c., Iziella hommersandii, I. kuroshioensis
detailNELSEN, Matthew P., Eimy RIVAS PLATA, Carrie J. ANDREW, Robert LÜCKING, & H. Thorsten LUMBSCH2011 (Apr)Phylogenetic diversity of Trentepohlialean algae associated with lichen-forming fungiJ. Phycol.47(2): 282-290, 1 fig.phycobionts are not a single clade
detailSAMPEDRO, Nagore, Santiago FRAGA, Antonella PENNA, Silvia CASABIANCA, Manuel ZAPATA, Claudio Fuentes GRÜNEWALD, Pilar RIOBÓ & Jordi CAMP2011 (Apr)Barrufeta bravensis gen. nov. sp. nov. (Dinophyceae): a new bloom-forming species from the northwest Mediterranean SeaJ. Phycol.47(2): 375-392, 13 figs., 2 tables
detailYOKOYAMA, Akiko, Fumio TAKAHASHI, Hironao KATAOKA, Yoshiaki HARA, & Hisayoshi NOZAKI2011 (Apr)Evolutionary analyses of the nuclear-encoded photosynthetic gene pbsO from tertiary plastid-containing algae in DinophytaJ. Phycol.47(2): 407-414, 3 figs., 1 table