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The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailBUKHTIYAROVA, Ludmila1999 (Aug)Diatoms of Ukraine Inland watersNational Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany. Kyiv, Ukraine133 pp.incl. new combinations
detailCOCQUYT, Christine, & Wolf-Henning KUSBER2010 (Aug 1)Reinvestigation of West African Surirellaceae (Bacillariophyta) described by Foged from GhanaNova Hedwigia91(1/2): 111-136, 90 figs., 3 tablesSurirella agonaensis, S. bonsaensis, S. esamangensis, S. nagbogensis, S. sorriensis, S. takoradiensis; Stenopterobia delicatissima var. ghanaensis n.c.
detailDE OLIVEIRA-CARVALHO, Maria de Fátima, Sonia Maria Barreto PEREIRA, & Francisco Flores PEDROCHE2010 (Aug 1)Taxonomy and distribution of the green algal genus Codium (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) in BrazilNova Hedwigia91(1/2): 87-109, 54 figs., 2 tablesCodium decorticatum, C. intertextum, C. isthmocladum, C. profundum, C. repens, C. spongiosum, C. taylorii, repent Codium sp.
detailDOAN-NHU, Hai, & Jacob LARSEN2010 (Aug 1)Haptophyte algae of Vietnamese waters. The orders Phaeocystales, Prymnesiales and Isochrysidales (Prymnesiophyceae)Nova Hedwigia91(1/2): 193-222, 68 figs.115 haptophyte taxa described and illustrated
detailFERNANDES, Luciano F., Leticia ZEHNDER-ALVES, & Jackson C. BASSFELD2001The recently established diatom Coscinodiscus wailesii (Coscinodiscales, Bacillariophyta) in Brazilian waters. I: Remarks on morphology and distributionPhycological Research49(2): 89-96, 20 figs.
detailGARCIA, Marines2003 (Nov.)Observations on the diatom genus Fallacia (Bacillariophyta) from southern Brazilian sandy beachesNova Hedwigia77(3/4): 309-330, 65 figs.
detailHUSSAIN, Mohammed I., Reginald VICTOR, & Talat M. KHOJA2003 (Nov)Charophytes of the Sultanate of OmanNova Hedwigia77(3/4): 429-444, 14 figs., 2 tables
detailKOGAME, Kazuhiro2001Life history of Chnoospora implexa (Chnoosporaceae, Phaeophyceae) in culturePhycological Research49(2): 123-128, 16 figs., 2 tableserect gametophyte, discoid sporophyte
detailLI Yanling, Ditmar METZELTIN, & Zhijun GONG2010Two new species of Sellaphora (Bacillariophyta) from a deep oligotrophic plateau lake, Lake Fuxian in subtropical ChinaChinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology 28(6): 1160-1165, 20 figs.from PDF
detailLOKHORST, Gijsbert M.2003 (Aug.)The genus Tribonema (Xanthophyceae) in the Netherlands. An integrated field and culture studyNova Hedwigia77(1/2): 19-53, 63 figs.key to 10 species; incl. Tribonema hormidioides n.c.
detailMANZA, Artemio Valderrama1937 (15.ii.1937)The genera of the articulated corallinesProceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America23(2): 44-4813 genera and subgenera considered
detailMANZA, Artemio Valderrama1937Some North Pacific species of articulated corallinesProceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America23(11): 561-56714 new names and combs
detailMOHAMMAD-NOOR, N., N. DAUGBJERG, O. MOESTRUP, & A. ANTON2007( Feb 18)Marine epibenthic dinoflagellates from Malaysia—a study of live cultures and preserved samples based on light and scanning microscopyNordic J. Bot.24(6): 629-690, 35 figs., 11 tables24 species in 9 genera reported; incl Prorocentrum sipadanensis n. sp.
detailMUYLAERT, Koenraad, Luc DENYS, Kurt KRAMMER, Ton JOOSTEN, Michael REID, & Patrick RIOUAL 2003 (Nov)Aulacoseira subborealis stat. nov. (Bacillariophyceae): a common but neglected plankton diatomNova Hedwigia77(3/4): 407-427, 30 figs., 1 table
detailSAR, Eugenia A., & Inés SUNESON2003 (Nov)Nanofrustulum shiloi (Bacillariophyceae) from the Gulf of San Matías (Argentina): morphology, distribution and comments about nomenclatureNova Hedwigia77(3/4): 399-406, 26 figs.
detailSILVA, Paul C., & Max E. CHACANA2010 (Aug 1)Validation of the name Codium profundum P.C. Silva & M.E. ChacanaNova Hedwigia91(1/2): 249-253, 2 figs.type from Bermuda
detailSUZUKI, Hidekazu, Tamotsu NAGUMO, & Jiro TANAKA2001A new marine diatom, Cocconeis shikinensis sp. nov. (Bacillariophyceae) from JapanPhycological Research49(2): 137-144, 31 figs.
detailSUZUKI, Hidekazu, Tamotsu NAGUMO, & Jiro TANAKA2001Morphology of the marine epiphytic diatom Cocconeis heteroidea (Bacillariophyceae)Phycological Research49(2): 129-136, 28 figs.epiphytic; Japan
detailVAN DE VIJVER, Bart, & René LE COHU2003 (Nov.)Two new species of the genus Geissleria Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin (Bacillariophyceae) from the Kerguelen and Crozet archipelagos (TAAF, Subantarctica)Nova Hedwigia77(3/4): 341-349, 25 figs., 1 table
detailWETZEL, Carlos E., Luc ECTOR, Lucien HOFFMANN, & Denisede C. BICUDO2010 (Aug 1)Colonial planktonic Eunotia (Bacillariophyceae) from Brazilian Amazon: Taxonomy and biogeographical considerations on the E. asterionelloides species complexNova Hedwigia91(1/2): 49-86, 270 figs., 1 tableincl 4 n. sp.: Eunotia gomesii, Eunotia loboi, Eunotia tukanorum, Eunotia waimiriorum
detailWYNNE, Michael J.2003 (Aug.)Centroceras secundum sp. nov. (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta) from the Sultanate of OmanNova Hedwigia77(1/2): 125-237, 14 figs.
detailWYNNE, Michael J.2010 (Aug 1)Early collections of benthic marine algae from Cape Mendocino, California, made by Cyrus S. Pringle, and notes on their present nomenclatureNova Hedwigia91(1/2): 33-48, 1 fig.18 records from August, 1882
detailWYSOR, Brian, & Wiebe H.C.F. KOOISTRA2003 (Nov)An annotated list of marine Chlorophyta from the Caribbean coast of the Republic of PanamaNova Hedwigia77(3/4): 487-523, 31 figs., 2 tables277 taxa recorded; incl comprehensive list of collecting localities