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Robert F. Thorne

Perennial from rhizomes, aquatic (generally emergent) or terrestrial (sometimes on floating mats)
Stem erect, generally simple, slender
Leaves basal and cauline, alternate, simple; sheath generally open; ligule prominent; blade erect, linear, subcylindric; tip with a large pore
Inflorescence: raceme, terminal, bracted
Flower bisexual, radial; perianth parts 6 in 2 whorls, free; stamens 6 in 2 whorls, free, anthers opening outward by slits; pistils 3(6), simple above, fused at base, ovary superior, chamber 1, ovules 1–3
Fruit: follicle
Genera in family: 1 genus, 1 sp.
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