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A. brachychaetum (Godr.) Barkworth

Stem 4–10 dm
Leaf: sheath glabrous; blade 1–2 mm wide
Inflorescence 20–30 cm
Spikelet: glumes 6–8 mm, ± equal; floret 4.5–5.5 mm; callus blunt; lemma tip hairs 0.8–1.7 mm, > body hairs, awn 15–20 mm, bent twice
Ecology: Disturbed sites
Elevation: < 300 m.
Bioregional distribution: nw San Joaquin Valley (eradicated from San Joaquin Valley in Fresno Co.), n South Coast
Distribution outside California: native to Argentina
Synonyms: Stipa b. Godr


G. grandis S. Watson


Stem 9–20 dm, 3–6 mm diam
Leaf: ligule 2–7 mm; blade 4–15 mm wide, moderately thick
Inflorescence 16–40 cm; branches spreading
Spikelet 4–6.5 mm, ovoid; lower glume 1–1.8 mm, upper 1.5–2.5 mm; florets 4–7; lemma 2–2.8 mm, widest at middle or below; palea tip irregular or widely V-notched
Chromosomes: n=10
Ecology: Wet places, meadows, lake and stream margins
Elevation: < 500 m.
Bioregional distribution: North Coast, North Coast Ranges
Distribution outside California: to British Columbia, eastern US


H. cylindrica (Willd.) Greuter

Stem ascending to erect, 2–5 dm, branched, glabrous
Leaf: sheath 1–6 cm; ligule 1 mm, membranous; blade generally flat, ribbed, upper surface scabrous
Inflorescence spike-like, 8–20 cm, cylindric, stiff, straight, breaking at nodes; spikelets alternate, 2-ranked, appressed, embedded in axis, falling with axis segment, lowest included in sheath
Spikelet: glume 1, generally 5–7 mm, thick, rigid, margin sometimes inrolled, 9-veined; floret 1, bisexual; lemma 4–6 mm, translucent, back facing inflorescence axis, 3-veined; palea ± = lemma, translucent; anther 2–3.5 mm
Fruit 2.5–3.5 mm
Chromosomes: 2n=26,52
Ecology: Coastal salt marshes, alkaline soils
Elevation: < 300 m.
Bioregional distribution: n Sierra Nevada Foothills (Amador Co.), deltaic Great Central Valley, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area, South Coast
Distribution outside California: Baja California; native to Europe
Synonyms: Monerma c. (Willd.) Coss. & Durieu

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