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Elizabeth McClintock

Shrub, tree, evergreen, monoecious, dioecious, or flowers bisexual
Stem: trunk generally ± erect, unbranched
Leaves splitting to be palmately or pinnately dissected or compound, alternate, forming a terminal crown, large; base sheathing; petiole often long
Inflorescence: generally large panicle, axillary; peduncle sheathed by 1 or more large bracts; flowers many, generally ± sessile
Flower generally small, ± radial; sepals and petals generally 3, sometimes similar, fused at base or free; stamens generally 6; pistils 1 or 3, ovaries superior, generally 3, (if 1, chambers generally 3), styles free or fused
Fruit: often a drupe
Seed 1
Genera in family: ± 200 genera, 3,000 species: tropical, subtropical; many cultivated, especially for ornamental
Reference: [Uhl & Dransfield 1987 Genera Palmarum]
Used for food (fats, oils, fruits, seeds) and building materials.
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