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Michael O. Moore

Woody vines; tendrils opposite leaves; flowers sometimes unisexual
Leaves generally many, cauline, simple or compound, alternate, petioled, deciduous; stipules generally deciduous
Inflorescence cyme or panicle, generally opposite leaf, peduncled
Flower radial; sepals generally reduced, generally fused, lobes 5 or 0; petals generally 5, free, reflexed and falling individually (or adherent at tips, ± erect, and falling as unit), reddish or yellowish; stamens generally 5, opposite petals; nectaries 0 or between stamens as ± free glands; ovary 1, superior, chambers generally 2(–4), style 1 or 0, stigma inconspicuous or head-like
Fruit: berry
Seeds 1–6, large
Genera in family: 15 genera, ± 800 species: especially warm regions; some cultivated (Cissus , grape ivy; Parthenocissus ; Vitis )
Reference: [Moore 1991 Sida 14:339–367]
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