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William J. Stone

Annual, perennial herb, shrubs, trees, green root-parasites
Leaves entire; stipules 0
Inflorescence: generally small cymes in upper axils
Flower: calyx lobes 4–5 parted, fused side-to-side in bud, persistent; petals 0; stamens opposite sepals, inserted on fleshy disk; ovary superior to fully inferior, chamber 1, ovules 2–4, suspended from top of free-central placenta, style 1, thread-like, stigma head-like
Fruit: drupe or nut
Seed 1, spheric or ovoid
Genera in family: ± 26 genera, 250 species: generally tropical
Recent taxonomic note: Recently treated to include Viscaceae
[Angiosperm Phylogeny Group 1998 Ann Missouri Bot Gard 85:531–553]
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