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Lauramay T. Dempster

Annual, perennial herb, shrub, vine, tree
Leaves generally opposite, entire; stipules generally on stem, sometimes leaf-like (then leaves apparently whorled and stipules considered leaves), adjacent pairs sometimes fused
Inflorescence: cyme, panicle, cluster, or flower solitary, generally terminal and ± axillary
Flower generally bisexual; calyx generally ± 4-lobed, sometimes 0; corolla generally radial, 4-lobed; stamens epipetalous, alternate corolla lobes, generally included; ovary generally inferior, chambers generally 2 or 4, style 1, ± fused if 2
Fruit: 2 or 4 nutlets or a berry, drupe, or capsule
Genera in family: ± 500 genera, 6000 species: worldwide, especially tropical; many cultivated (including Coffea , coffee; Cinchona , quinine; many ornamental)
Reference: [Dempster 1979 Fl CA 4(2):1–47]


Perennial from slender rhizome
Leaves opposite; stipules ± scale-like, fused basally
Inflorescence: cyme, terminal, open; flowers few; pedicel long, slender
Flower: calyx 4–5-lobed; corolla funnel-shaped, 4–5-lobed; styles 2, fused below
Fruit: 2 nutlets, wider at top
Species in genus: 2 species: w North America, China
Etymology: (Dr. Albert Kellogg, pioneer CA botanist, 1813–1887)


K. galioides Torr.

Stem erect, 15–40 cm, ± 4-angled
Leaves often clustered in axils, 19–38 mm, lanceolate to narrowly ovate
Flower: calyx inconspicuous; corolla pink or white, tube slender, throat short, lobes 4–5, lanceolate
Fruit: hairs hooked
Ecology: Somewhat open places in coniferous forests
Elevation: 1100–3000 m.
Bioregional distribution: Klamath Ranges, High North Coast Ranges, High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, San Bernardino Mountains, San Jacinto Mountains, Modoc Plateau
Distribution outside California: to Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona

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