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Thomas F. Daniel

Annual, biennial, perennial herb, shrub
Leaves simple, alternate; stipules small, tooth- or gland-like; blade entire to deeply lobed
Inflorescence: raceme, terminal, spike-like
Flower generally bisexual, small, asymmetric, 1 per bract; sepals 2–8; petals 0–8; disk sometimes present; stamens 3–50+, generally on disk, anthers 2-chambered; pistils generally ± compound, 2–7-parted, generally open at top, ovary superior, sessile or short-stalked, generally 1-chambered, stigmas beak-like
Fruit: capsule, gaping at top, or berry
Seeds few–many, reniform
Genera in family: 6 genera, 70 species: n&e hemispheres, especially Medit
Reference: [Abdallah & de Wit 1978 Meded Landbouwhogeschool 78(14):99–416]
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