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Elizabeth McClintock

Shrub, small tree, glabrous, sometimes thorny
Leaves simple, opposite, entire, deciduous
Inflorescence: axillary clusters; flowers 1–5
Flower bisexual, radial; hypanthium bell-shaped to cylindric, ± leathery; sepals 5–8, persistent, appearing as hypanthium lobes; petals 5–8, crumpled in bud (and often in flower); stamens many, inserted along hypanthium tube; ovary inferior, chambers generally 3–8, irregular, style 1, stigma 1, head-like
Fruit: berry, ± spheric, leathery-rinded, divided into irregular sections
Seeds many, embedded in juicy pulp
Genera in family: 1 genus, ± 1 sp.: Medit, ne Africa, to Himalayas. Seeds edible.
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