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Anita F. Cholewa and Douglass M. Henderson

Annual, perennial herb, subshrub, glabrous to glandular-hairy
Leaves simple, basal or cauline, alternate, opposite, or whorled, sessile or petioled; stipules 0
Inflorescence sometimes scapose
Flower bisexual, radial; parts generally in 4's or 5's; calyx deeply lobed, often persistent; corolla lobes spreading to reflexed; stamens epipetalous, opposite corolla lobes; ovary generally superior, 1-chambered, placenta basal or free-central, style 1, stigma head-like
Fruit: capsule, circumscissile or 2–6-valved
Seeds small, few–many
Genera in family: ± 25 genera, 600 species: especially n hemisphere; several ornamental (Cyclamen , Dodecatheon , Primula )
Reference: [Channell & Wood 1959 J Arnold Arbor 40:268–288]



Annual, perennial herb, generally < 12 cm
Leaves in basal rosette
Inflorescence: umbel 1 per scapose peduncle, terminal, subtended by involucral bracts
Flower: parts in 5's; calyx tube scarious; corolla salverform, tube narrowed at top, lobes acute to obtuse at tip; stamens included, filaments ± 0 or short, anthers oblong; ovary superior, spheric, style short
Fruit 5-valved, spheric
Species in genus: ± 100 species: n temp, arctic, especially Asia
Etymology: (Greek: uncertain sea-plant)
Reference: [Robbins 1944 Amer Midl Nat 32:137–163]


A. occidentalis Pursh var. simplex (Rydb.) H. St. John

Annual, 3–7 cm, hairy; peduncles generally 1–few
Leaf 5–15 mm, lanceolate-elliptic, tapered to petiole, entire to finely dentate
Inflorescence: involucre bracts 2–5 mm, generally ± 0.7–1.7 mm wide, narrowly ovate to ovate; pedicels 0.5–3 cm
Flower: calyx 3.6–6 mm, hairy, lobes generally = tube, widely lanceolate to triangular, tips obtuse to acute; corolla < calyx, white
Chromosomes: 2n=20
Ecology: Generally moist sites
Elevation: 1700 m.
Bioregional distribution: n High Sierra Nevada (Emigrant Gap, Placer Co.)
Distribution outside California: to British Columbia, c US
See the CNPS Inventory for information about endangerment and rarity.
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