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Elizabeth McClintock

Shrub, tree, evergreen or deciduous, dioecious or nearly so
Leaves generally alternate, simple, often spiny, toothed, or lobed
Inflorescence: generally cyme, generally axillary
Flower generally unisexual, radial, small; sepals generally 4, generally fused at base; petals 4, fused at base or free, white or green; stamens generally 4, generally alternate petals; ovary superior, chambers often 4, generally 1-ovuled, style terminal, 0 or short, stigma head-like or lobed
Fruit: drupe, generally red (purple to black or yellow to whitish); stones often 4
Seeds often 4
Genera in family: 4 genera, 300–400 species: tropical, temp
Reference: [Brizicky 1964 J Arnold Arbor 45:227–234]
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