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Elizabeth McClintock

Perennial, shrub, vine, tree, generally with milky juice, monoecious or dioecious
Leaves alternate or opposite, generally simple, evergreen or deciduous, entire to lobed, petioled; stipules sometimes ± 0
Inflorescence: raceme, spike, head, or flowers enclosed in thickened receptacle tissue, axillary
Flower unisexual, small, ± radial; sepals generally 4, free or fused at base; petals 0; stamens generally 4, opposite sepals; ovary generally superior, 1-chambered, style simple or 2-parted
Fruit: multiple achenes within fleshy calyces or surrounded by fleshy receptacle tissue
Genera in family: ± 40 genera, 900–1000 species: tropical, subtropical, some temp; many cultivated (Ficus ; Artocarpus , breadfruit, jackfruit; Morus ). Pollinated by insects or wind. See Cannabaceae for Cannabis , Humulus , sometimes included in this family.
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