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Stem prostrate to erect, glabrous
Leaves opposite, 4-ranked, sessile, linear to oblanceolate, generally with basal ear-like lobes
Inflorescence: cluster, axillary; flowers 3–10; bractlets 2, inconspicuous
Flower radial; hypanthium bell- to urn-shaped, ± spheric in fruit; sepals 4, appendages < or ± = sepals, thick, horn-like; petals (0)4; stamens 4(8), included or exserted
Fruit ± spheric, irregularly dehiscent
Seeds many, ± 1 mm
Species in genus: ± 25 species: temp, tropical
Etymology: (Paul Ammann, Germany, 1634–1691)
Reference: [Howell 1985 Wasmann J Biol 43:72–74]


L. californicum Torr. & A. Gray


Perennial, heterostylous
Stem erect, 2–6 dm, generally branching above; branches spreading to ascending, glabrous
Leaves: lower opposite; upper alternate, 1–7 cm, linear to linear-lanceolate, ± glaucous
Inflorescence terminal, ± spike-like; bracts generally linear; pedicels 1–2 mm
Flowers of 2 style forms; hypanthium cylindric, 4–7 mm; sepals narrowly deltate, < 1 mm, ± = appendages; petals 4–8 mm, purple; stamens generally 6, included; style included or exserted
Fruit ovoid, ± = hypanthium
Chromosomes: 2n=20
Ecology: Marshes, pond and stream margins
Elevation: < 2200 m.
Bioregional distribution: s Inner North Coast Ranges, Sierra Nevada Foothills, s High Sierra Nevada, Great Central Valley, Central Western California, Southwestern California, White and Inyo Mountains, Desert
Distribution outside California: to c US, n Mexico
Flowering time: Apr–Sep
Horticultural information: INV; STBL.


L. portula (L.) D.A. Webb

Annual, prostrate, not heterostylous
Stem prostrate to decumbent, 5–25 cm, branching at base, rooting at nodes, reddish, glabrous
Leaves opposite, 5–10 mm, oblong to obovate, fleshy
Inflorescence: flower 1 per axil, sessile; bracts narrowly lanceolate
Flower: hypanthium 1–2 mm, broadly bell-shaped; sepals deltate, ± = appendages; appendages linear; petals ± 1 mm, sometimes 0, white to rose-pink; stamens generally 6
Fruit ± spheric, > hypanthium
Chromosomes: 2n=10
Ecology: Drying ponds, lake margins
Elevation: 1000–2200 m.
Bioregional distribution: n High Sierra Nevada
Distribution outside California: native to Europe
Synonyms: Peplis portula L

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