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George Yatskievych

Annual, perennial herb, non-green root-parasite
Stem (actually a peduncle) fleshy, underground, generally unbranched, white or ± brown
Leaves scale-like, alternate
Inflorescence: panicle, spike, or head
Flower bisexual, ± radial; calyx lobes 4–10; corolla lobes 4–10; stamens as many as corolla lobes, epipetalous, included; ovary superior, chambers 10–32, placentas axile, style 1, stigma lobes 5–9
Fruit: capsule, circumscissile, hidden by persistent perianth
Seeds in a ring, 1 per chamber, ± reniform, flat, brown
Genera in family: 2 genera, 4 species: sw US to n South America, nowhere common; some historically harvested for food
Reference: [Yatskievych & Mason 1986 Syst Bot 11:531–548]
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