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Beryl B. Simpson

Perennial, shrub, green root-parasite
Stem prostrate to erect, much-branched
Leaves generally simple, alternate, sessile; blade linear to ovate, hairy, sometimes glandular, tip abruptly pointed
Inflorescence: flowers generally solitary in axils; pedicel bracts 2
Flower bisexual, bilateral; sepals 4–5, free, conspicuous; petals generally 5, 3 upper linear to clawed, held in ± upright "flag", 2 modified into glands flanking ovary; stamens generally 4, opening by pores; ovary superior, hairy, style slender, recurved
Fruit nut-like, bearing smooth or barbed spines
Genera in family: 1 genus, 17 species: Am, especially tropical
Reference: [Simpson 1989 Fl Neotropica 49:1–109]
Pollinating bees collect oils secreted by glandular petals.
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