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Elizabeth McClintock

Perennial from rhizome, emergent aquatic, glabrous
Stem ± erect, unbranched, rooting at nodes, hollow
Leaves simple, in whorls of generally 6–12, sessile, linear to elliptic, entire; stipules 0
Inflorescence: flowers solitary in upper axils, ± sessile
Flower inconspicuous, generally bisexual (or staminate below pistillate); calyx a minute rim at ovary top; petals 0; stamen 1, off-center on top of ovary; ovary inferior, chamber 1, style 1, off-center, ± = stamen, slender, generally in groove between anther sacs, ± entirely stigmatic
Fruit: achene or thin-walled drupe
Genera in family: 1 genus, 1 variable sp.: temp and cool regions. Wind-pollinated. Not closely related to Haloragaceae, to which the sp. is sometimes assigned.
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