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Annual, perennial herb, or ± woody, generally hairy
Leaves simple to compound, basal and cauline; cauline alternate or opposite, stipules present
Inflorescence: cyme or umbel
Flower bisexual, radial or ± bilateral; sepals 5, free, overlapping in bud; petals 5, free, with nectar glands at base; stamens generally 5 or 10; staminodes scale-like or 0; pistil 5-lobed, chambers 5, placentas axile, styles 5, fused to axis, columnar in fruit, stigmas atop axis 5, free
Fruit: segments 5, dry, 1–2-seeded, separating from each other and then from column; fruit body dehiscent on 1 side or not; part of style persistent atop ovary and separating with it, curved to tightly coiled when dry
Genera in family: 14 genera, ± 750 species: temp, ± tropical. Some cultivated for ornamental, perfume oils
Reference: [Robertson 1972 J Arnold Arbor 53:182–201]
Family description, key to genera by M.S. Taylor.



Elizabeth McClintock

Annual, perennial herb, shrub, aromatic or strong-smelling
Stem of shrubs sometimes soft-woody
Leaves alternate to ± opposite above; blade lobed to dissected, margin generally crenate or serrate
Inflorescence: umbel, dense to open; flowers 3–many
Flower bilateral; upper sepal with a spur fused to the pedicel; petals ± equal to strongly unequal, generally striped or splotched; upper 2 petals > lower 3, well separated, different in shape, position; fertile stamens 3–7
Fruit: body dehiscent, generally oblong, base acute, 1-seeded; part of style persistent to fruit body stiff-hairy on side facing column
Species in genus: ± 250 species: s Africa, Australia
Etymology: (Greek: stork, from beaked fruit)
Reference: [Van der Walt 1985 Bothalia 15:345–385]


P. X hortorum L.H. Bailey

Subshrub, soft-woody
Stem 3–6 dm, branched, glabrous or ± hairy
Leaf: blade 15–20 cm wide, round to reniform, margin crenate, generally with a color band or variegated
Inflorescence open to dense; flowers 20–40; pedicels < 20 mm
Flower: petals ± equal, 1–2.5 cm, white to red
Ecology: Disturbed sites
Elevation: < 300 m.
Bioregional distribution: South Coast, Channel Islands. Hybrid between P. inquinans, P. zonale.

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