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William J. Stone

Shrubs, trees, spiny
Stem branched near base, or trunk single, thick, fleshy
Leaves simple, alternate, small, somewhat fleshy, glabrous, of 2 types: primary soon deciduous after rains, petiole long, it and midrib develop into persistent spine after blade drops; secondary leaves clustered in axil of developing spine
Inflorescence: spike, raceme, or panicle, terminal; flowers many
Flower showy; sepals 5, unequal, overlapping, persistent; corolla tube cylindric, lobes 5, spreading, bright red or yellow; stamens 10–20, in 1–2 whorls, filaments free, epipetalous; pistil 1, ovary superior, incompletely 3-chambered, placenta axile at base, parietal above, ovules 3–6 per chamber
Fruit: capsule
Seeds elliptic, angled
Genera in family: 1 genus (includes Idria), 11 species: sw US, Mex
Reference: [Henrickson 1972 Aliso 7:439–537]
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