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Reid Moran

Perennial, shrub
Leaves crowded at branch tips, alternate, generally obovate to oblanceolate, generally ciliate
Inflorescence: cyme, terminal; branches many, 1-sided
Flower: sepals 6–16, ± free; petals ± free, > sepals; stamens 2 X sepal number
Seeds many, small, striate, brown
Species in genus: 31 species: Africa, Yemen, Madeira, Cape Verde, and especially Canary islands
Etymology: (Latin: name given to A. arboreum by Dioscorides, Greek botanist)
Reference: [Liu 1989 Natl Mus Nat Sci Taiwan Spec Publ 3]


S. albomarginatum R.T. Clausen


Plant 14–25 cm, glabrous, glaucous; rosettes 3–9 cm diam, internodes between leaves < 3 mm
Leaves: rosette leaves 14–60 mm (widest 6–9 mm from tip), ± 1–4 mm thick, rounded or barely notched; cauline leaves 14–30 mm, base truncate or obtuse
Inflorescence 4–10 cm, 20–55-flowered
Flower: petals ± 7–10 mm, obovate, light yellow, obtuse or minutely and abruptly pointed; anthers yellow or red-brown
Fruit 7–9 mm, erect
Seed 1–1.2 mm
Chromosomes: n=15
Ecology: Steep serpentine slopes
Elevation: 300–900 m.
Bioregional distribution: n Sierra Nevada Foothills (Plumas Co.)
Horticultural information: In cultivation.


S. spathulifolium Hook.

Plant 5–22 cm, glabrous, often glaucous; rosettes 1–6 cm diam, internodes between leaves generally 1–2 mm
Leaves: rosette leaves 11–22 mm, outer >> inner, widest 2–5 mm below tip, 1–2 mm thick, rounded to obtuse; cauline leaves 6–11 mm, elliptic, base truncate
Inflorescence 3–8 cm, 5–48-flowered
Flower: petals 5–8 mm, ± erect to widely spreading, lanceolate, acute, yellow; anthers yellow or red-brown
Fruit 4–8 mm, erect until mature, then strongly spreading
Seed ± 1 mm
Chromosomes: n=15
Ecology: Outcrops, often in shade
Elevation: 50–2500 m.
Bioregional distribution: Northwestern California, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Central Western California, Transverse Ranges
Distribution outside California: to British Columbia
Variable and intergrading complex
Synonyms: subspp. anomalum (Britton) R.T. Clausen & C.Uhl, pruinosum (Britton) R.T. Clausen & C. Uhl; S. purdyi Jeps
Horticultural information: DRN: 4, 5, 6 &IRR: 1, 17, 24 &SHD: 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23; CVS.

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