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Elizabeth McClintock

Perennial, shrub; hairs short and in stellate clusters, or short or long and simple, peltate, or glandular
Stem erect, generally branched
Leaves simple, generally opposite, entire, petioled or not; stipules present or 0
Inflorescence: cyme (raceme- or panicle-like), or flowers solitary
Flower generally bisexual, radial; sepals 5, outer 2 often narrower, bract-like, or 3, often persistent in fruit; petals generally 5, generally ephemeral; stamens generally many, free, ± persistent in fruit or not; ovary superior, chamber 1 (or appearing as 3–10 from intruded parietal placentas), style 1 or 0, stigma generally 1, entire or 3–10-lobed
Fruit: capsule, loculicidal, 3–10-valved
Seeds 3–many
Genera in family: 8 genera, 165 species: warm temp, especially Medit; some cultivated (Cistus ; Helianthemum ; Tuberaria )
Reference: [Brizicky 1964 J Arnold Arbor 45:346–357]
Fls open in sunshine for < 1 day.


Annual, perennial herb; hairs spreading, long, white or short, red
Stem erect
Leaves in basal rosettes, without stipules, often withering early; cauline, generally opposite, stipuled or not
Inflorescence raceme-like
Flower: sepals 5, outer 2 generally narrower, bract-like; petals yellow; stamens 10–many; style 0, stigma large, hemispheric
Fruit 3-valved
Species in genus: 12 species: Eur
Etymology: (Latin: from tuber-like swellings on roots of some)


T. guttata (L.) Fourr.

Stem < 30 cm
Leaf 1–5 cm, linear; margin ± rolled under
Flower: pedicel 7–15 mm, slender; petals 7–10 mm, generally with a dark spot at base
Ecology: Uncommon. Disturbed places
Elevation: 80–150 m.
Bioregional distribution: c Sierra Nevada Foothills
Distribution outside California: native to Europe
Synonyms: Helianthemum g. (L.) Mill

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