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Elizabeth McClintock

Annual, perennial herb, generally dioecious, wind-pollinated; epidermis with hardened hairs, glands, etc.; sap watery
Stem erect or twining
Leaves palmately compound or lobed, petioled; lower generally opposite (upper often less lobed, alternate)
Staminate inflorescence: panicle or spike-like cluster, ± open
Pistillate inflorescence: spike-, cone-, or head-like cluster of often paired flowers, dense
Staminate flower: perianth parts 5, free; stamens 5; pistil 0
Pistillate flower: perianth parts fused into a short, unlobed tube or ring; stamens 0; ovary superior, chamber 1, ovule 1, style 1, very short, stigmas 2, thread-like, plumose
Fruit: achene, generally ± enclosed in persistent perianth
Genera in family: 2 genera, 3 species: n hemisphere; cultivated, economically important
Reference: [Mitchell 1988 NY State Mus Bull 464:17–23]
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