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Fosiée Tahbaz

Shrubs, deciduous or evergreen, aromatic
Leaves simple, entire, opposite, short-petioled
Inflorescence: flowers solitary, terminal on bracted branches
Flower bisexual, radial, large; bracts grading into perianth; perianth parts many, spirally arrayed; stamens many, attached by short filaments to receptacle, becoming smaller and sterile inward; pistils many, simple, attached to inner face of hollow receptacle, ovules 1–2 per pistil, style thread-like, exserted from receptacle
Fruit: aggregate of achenes inside ± leathery receptacle
Genera in family: 3 genera, ± 6 species: North America, China; Calycanthus, Chimonanthus cultivated as ornamental and for fragrance.
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