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William J. Stone

Aquatic per in freshwater; rhizomes in mud
Stems elongate, leafy; ends floating
Leaves of 2 types; alternate, long-petioled with floating, peltate blades; opposite to whorled, short-petioled, submersed blades deeply dissected
Flower solitary, above surface of water, bisexual; sepals 2–4; stamens 3–6 (Cabomba ), 12–18 (Brasenia ), filaments slightly flattened, anthers opening lengthwise; ovary superior, pistils simple, 2–many, ovules 1–3, styles terminal or decurrent
Seeds 1–3
Genera in family: 2 genera, 8 species: temp and tropical Am, Africa, e Asia, Australia. Some Cabomba species cultivated for aquaria, may occur as waifs in CA.
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