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Elizabeth McClintock

Shrub, tree, rarely herb; hairs generally stellate, branched, scale-like or glandular
Leaves simple, generally opposite, entire, toothed or lobed; stipules at least partially on stem, often ridge-like
Inflorescence: cyme but appearing to be a panicle, head, raceme, or spike, terminal or axillary, generally dense
Flower bisexual, sometimes functionally unisexual, ± radial; calyx lobes 4–5; corolla lobes 4–5; stamens 4–5, attached to corolla tube; ovary superior or half inferior, chambers 2 or 4, style 1, stigma elongate or ± spheric
Fruit: capsule, rarely berry
Seeds small, often winged
Genera in family: ± 10 genera, 150 species: tropical, subtropical; some cultivated for ornamental
Reference: [Rogers 1986 J Arnold Arb 67:143–185]
Sometimes included in Loganiaceae.



Shrub, tree, deciduous or evergreen
Leaves rarely alternate or ± whorled, lanceolate, oblong, or linear, short-petioled or sessile
Flower generally fragrant; calyx ± bell-shaped, lobes generally 4, ± = or < tube; corolla bell-shaped, funnel-shaped, or salverform, lobes generally 4, < to << tube, abruptly spreading; stamens generally 4, anthers ± sessile
Fruit 2-parted; calyx persistent
Seeds many, often winged
Species in genus: ± 100 species: Am, Africa, Asia
Etymology: (Rev. Adam Buddle, England, 1660–1715)
Reference: [Norman 1967 Gentes Herb 10:47–114]
Often spelled Buddleia , perhaps incorrectly.


B. saligna Willd.

Shrub, small tree < 7 m, deciduous
Stem: twig ± 4-angled
Leaf 1.5–10 cm, linear to oblong, entire, ± rolled under; upper surface glabrous, shiny, olive-green; lower surface white, hairs dense, stellate
Inflorescence panicle-like, ± 12 cm, widely spreading
Flower: corolla ± salverform, white or cream, sometimes with reddish spot in center, tube ± 2.5 mm, lobes ± 1 mm; stamens exserted
Fruit ± 2 mm, ovoid, exserted from persistent calyx
Seeds not winged
Ecology: Disturbed areas, chaparral
Elevation: 200–700 m.
Bioregional distribution: South Coast (Santa Monica Mtns)
Distribution outside California: native to S.Africa
Synonyms: Chilianthus oleaceus Burchell
Rarely cultivated in CA.

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N.B. The distribution depicted here differs from that given in The Jepson Manual (1993)

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