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James R. Shevock

Shrubs, trees, sometimes monoecious, dioecious, or with staminate and bisexual flowers
Leaves opposite, generally simple, generally palmately lobed (rarely pinnate), generally deciduous; stipules 0
Inflorescence: panicle, raceme, or umbel-like
Flower small; perianth generally ± yellowish green; sepals (4)5, free; petals generally 5 (sometimes 0, 4, or 6), free, generally sepal-like; stamens generally 8 (sometimes 5, 10, or 12), generally attached to edge of nectary disk; ovary superior, chambers 2, each 2-ovuled
Fruit: generally pair of achenes, conspicuously winged
Seed generally 1 per achene
Genera in family: 2 genera, ± 120 species: n temp, tropical mtns (Dipteronia : 2 species: China). Some Acer important as timber or ornamental, often has bright autumn colors
Reference: [Ogata 1967 Bull Tokyo U For 63:89–206]
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