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James R. Griffin

Tree or shrub, dioecious, evergreen
Leaves simple, alternate, not in bundles, generally appearing 2-ranked, < 5 cm, linear, decurrent; tip acute
Pollen cone with < 32 stamen-like structures
Seed solitary at tip of short twig, partly or completely enclosed by subtending aril; coat woody; cotyledons 2
Genera in family: 5 genera, 16 species: n hemisphere; some Taxus species widely used in landscaping
Reference: [Florin 1948 Bot Gaz 110:31–39]



Stem: trunk of regular width; branches horizontal; wood aromatic
Leaves dark green above, yellowish green, with 2 longitudinal, yellowish grooves below, aromatic; tip sharply spiny
Pollen cone with 6–8 whorls of 4 stamen-like structures
Seed maturing in 1 season; aril green or purplish, closed at top
Species in genus: ± 5 species: North America, Asia
Etymology: (John Torrey, New York botanist, 1796–1873)


T. californica Torr.


Stem: trunk < 43 m, < 1.5 m wide; bark ± smooth, dark brown
Leaf 25–70 mm, rigid; spine or bristle tip 1–1.5 mm
Seed < 50 mm, oblong; coat ± longitudinally grooved
Ecology: Shady canyons in forest or woodland, sometimes chaparral
Elevation: 30–2100 m.
Bioregional distribution: North Coast, North Coast Ranges, Cascade Range Foothills, Sierra Nevada, San Francisco Bay Area, Outer South Coast Ranges
Horticultural information: 4, 5, 6, 17; IRR, SHD: 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24.

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N.B. The distribution depicted here differs from that given in The Jepson Manual (1993)
YOU CAN HELP US make sure that our distributional information is correct and current. If you know that a plant occurs in a wild, reproducing state in a Jepson bioregion NOT highlighted on the map, please contact us with that information. Please realize that we cannot incorporate range extensions without access to a voucher specimen, which should (ultimately) be deposited in an herbarium. You can send the pressed, dried collection (with complete locality information indicated) to us (e-mail us for details) or refer us to an accessioned herbarium specimen. Non-occurrence of a plant in an indicated area is difficult to document, but we will especially value your input on those types of possible errors (see automatic conversion of distribution data to maps).

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