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William J. Stone

Shrub, low, bushy, maritime, dioecious or monoecious
Leaves opposite, simple, narrow, fleshy; stipules minute
Inflorescence: spike, cone-like, small, axillary, ± sessile; stipules minute
Flowers unisexual
Staminate flowers 8–12; flower initially enclosed in sac-like organ which may be sepals or pair of bractlets, splitting with age; perianth parts 4, alternate stamens; stamens 4, anthers opening by longitudinal slits
Pistillate flowers 4–12, not enclosed; perianth 0; ovary superior, fleshy, chambers 4, ovule 1 per chamber, stigmas 2, head-like, sessile
Fruit drupe-like, water dispersed
Seeds 1–4, hard-walled
Chromosomes: 2n=18,22
Genera in family: 1 genus, 2 species: tropical, subtropical Am., Pacific, Australia
Etymology: (Greek: name of some seashore plant)
Perianth parts in staminate flowers also interpreted as staminodes.
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