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Alan R. Smith and Thomas Lemieux

Plant in soil; rhizome hairy, less often scaly, sometimes from bud near petiole base
Leaves alike; petiole strongly grooved on upper side, glabrous or hairy, rarely scaly, in X -section vascular strands 1–many in U shape; blade generally 1–5- or more pinnate; axes, blades glabrous or hairy, rarely scaly; veins pinnate from midrib, generally forked beyond, free except sometimes at margin of fertile segments
Sporangia at or near margin, generally ± covered by reflexed segment margins (false indusia); true indusium 0, or linear, purse-shaped, opening toward margin or fused with it to form cup; stalk cells in 1–3 rows; spores spheric or elliptic, scar of 3 radiating branches or linear
Genera in family: ± 17 genera, ± 375 species: especially tropical. Variously defined; Pteridium sometimes in its own family.
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