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Robert F. Thorne, Robert R. Haynes & C. Barre Hellquist

[Annual] perennial herb from slender, creeping rhizome, glabrous, aquatic, submersed; monoecious. Stem: thread-like, weak. Leaf: alternate to ± whorled, linear; stipules fused to blade or free, sheath-like. Inflorescence: axillary, generally ± cyme, sessile, bract 1, cup-like; staminate flowers below pistillate. Flower: unisexual [bisexual]. Staminate flower: perianth parts 0 (or 3, minute, scale-like); stamens 1 (or possibly 2–3 but then united, appearing as 1). Pistillate flower: perianth parts 0; pistils (1)4–5(9), ovaries superior, 1-chambered, 1-ovuled, 1-styled. Fruit: achene-like drupe.
4 genera, 10–12 species: ± worldwide. [Haynes & Hellquist 2000 FNANM 22:84–85] —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.

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Citation for the whole project: Jepson Flora Project (eds.) 2013. Jepson eFlora,, accessed on Nov 25 2015
Citation for this treatment: [Author of taxon treatment] 2013. Zannichelliaceae, in Jepson Flora Project (eds.) Jepson eFlora,, accessed on Nov 25 2015

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