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David J. Keil

[(Herb, subshrub) shrub] tree; evergreen. Leaf: alternate [opposite, whorled], [simple, entire to] pinnately divided or compound; stipules 0. Inflorescence: raceme [spike, head, umbel, flowers 1]. Flower: bisexual [unisexual], bilateral [radial]; sepals 4, petal-like, fused at base; petals 0; stamens generally 4, filaments fused to sepals [free]; pistil 1; ovary superior, chamber 1, ovules 1–2[many], at tip or marginal, style 1, stigma 1. Fruit: follicle [achene, drupe, nut].
75 genera, 1050 species: Australia, southern Africa, South America. —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.

Flower: calyx tube divided down 1 side, lobes curled to other side; style in bud strongly curved, in flower to ± straight, exserted.
360 species: Australia. (C.F. Greville, British collector, horticulturist, 1749–1809)
Unabridged etymology: (Charles Francis Greville, 1749–1809, British plant collector, horticulturist, a founder of what is now the Royal Horticultural Society)

G. robusta R. Br.
Plant <= 30 m. Leaf: petioled, 15–40 cm, ovate to elliptic, compound or divided with pinnately divided leaflets, adaxially green, abaxially appressed-silvery-hairy. Inflorescence: 5–15 cm, appearing 1-sided; pedicels spreading, turned up, orange. Flower: calyx ± 10 mm, tube yellow or orange with ± red-brown center, lobes narrowly spoon-shaped, yellow; style 20–25 mm. Fruit: narrowed to stalk-like base, body 12–20 mm, style persistent; seeds 1–2, flat, winged.
Escaped from cultivation, brush-covered hillsides, canyons; < 450 m. s Outer South Coast Ranges, South Coast, Peninsular Ranges; native to eastern Australia. Mar–May [Online Interchange]
Unabridged note: Expanded author citation: Grevillea robusta A. Cunn. ex R. Br. Wood used for furniture, fencing, especially in past.

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Citation for this treatment: [Author of taxon treatment] 2013. Grevillea, in Jepson Flora Project (eds.) Jepson eFlora,, accessed on Nov 27 2015

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