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Steve Boyd & William J. Stone

Perennial herb, subshrub, salt-tolerant; dioecious [monoecious]. Leaf: simple, opposite, sessile, ± cylindric or ± 3-angled, narrowly elliptic to narrowly oblanceolate or linear, fleshy, base with triangular appendage, margins entire; stipules minute. Inflorescence: dense, cone- or spike-like, axillary, ± sessile; flowers unisexual. Staminate flower: 8–12, ± free, 4-ranked, subtended by ± widely ovate bract and involucre- or sac-like bractlets; calyx ± bilateral, cup- or bell-shaped, blunt-lobed; petals 4(5), alternate stamens; stamens 4(5), > petals, anthers opening by longitudinal slits. Pistillate flower: (2)4–12(24), free or fused, subtended by small bractlet, << flower; perianth 0; ovary superior, fleshy, chambers 4, ovule 1 per chamber, stigma 2-lobed, ± spheric, sessile. Fruit: drupe or drupe-like aggregate, floating. Seed: 1–4.
1 genus, 2 species: coastal, tropics, subtropical America, Pacific, Australia. [Bayer & Appel 2003 Fam Generally Vasc Plant 5:30–32] Staminate perianth variously interpreted as tepals, petals, or staminodes. —Scientific Editors: Douglas H. Goldman, Bruce G. Baldwin.
Unabridged references: [Rogers 1982 J Arnold Arbor 63:375–386]


2 species. (Greek: name of a seashore plant) Batis argillicola P. Royen of New Guinea, northeastern Australia is monoecious.

Stem: prostrate to ascending, < 1.5 m; base woody. Leaf: (0.5)1–2 cm, linear to narrowly oblanceolate, ± cylindric, ± flattened above. Inflorescence: staminate ± 6 mm, ovoid-cylindric, bracts or bractlets rounded; pistillate ± 6 mm, cylindric (obconic) in fruit; flowers fused in age. Staminate flower: petals white, blade ± triangular, clawed, stamens exserted. Fruit: ± 10 mm, fleshy, spongy or corky in age.
Coastal salt marshes; < 10 m. South Coast; to southeastern United States, Caribbean, northern South America; Hawaii. Apr–Sep [Online Interchange]

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Citation for this treatment: [Author of taxon treatment] 2013. Batis, in Jepson Flora Project (eds.) Jepson eFlora,, accessed on Nov 28 2015

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