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Robert F. Thorne, C. Barre Hellquist & Robert R. Haynes

Perennial herb from corm, tuber, or short, thick rhizome, aquatic, glabrous; sap milky. Leaf: alternate, simple, [generally submersed] or floating, petioled, basal in opposite pairs; blade expanded or not, elliptic to lanceolate if floating. Inflorescence: terminal, scape above water, generally spike or panicle with 2–3(10) spike-like branches, subtended by conspicuous, deciduous bract. Flower: bisexual [unisexual], bilateral; perianth parts [0]1[6], generally petal-like, white or yellow; stamens 6–18 in 2 series or 6–50 in 3–4 series; pistils 2–6(9), fused ± 1/2–2/3, separating in fruit, ovary superior, chamber 1, ovules 1–12, style short, stigmatic surface grooved. Fruit: follicle, leathery. Seed: 4; embryo straight.
1 genus, ± 54 species: tropical Asia, Australia, southern Africa. [Les et al. 2005 Syst Bot 30:503–519] —Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Unabridged references: [Les, D. H., Moody, M. L., & Jacobs, S. W. L. 2005. Phylogeny and systematics of Aponogeton (Aponogetonaceae): The Australian species. Syst. Bot. 30: 503–519; Van Bruggen, H. W. E. 1973. Revision of the genus Aponogeton (Aponogetonaceae): VI the species of Africa. Bull. Jard. Bot. Natl. Belg. 43: 1–2, 193–233]

(Greek: from aquatic habitat)

A. distachyos L. f. CAPE-PONDWEED
Leaf: petiole to 100 cm; blade 6–23 cm, ± narrow-lanceolate to -elliptic. Inflorescence: panicle of generally 2 spike-like branches, emergent; bract ± 3 cm; flowers in 2 rows, ± on 1-side of axis. Flower: perianth part 1, white, enlarging, turning green in fruit, base wide; stamens many. Fruit: to 22 mm, curved or straight; beak terminal, ± 5 mm.
Ponds; < 150 m. c-w San Francisco Bay Area, s South Coast, expected elsewhere; native to southern Africa. [Aponogeton distachyon, orth. var.] Widely cultivated for aquaria, often escaping but generally a waif. Feb–Apr [Online Interchange]

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