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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Shrub, tree; dioecious or flowers bisexual and pistillate. Leaf: simple or compound, deciduous or evergreen, entire, toothed, or lobed. Inflorescence: panicle, terminal on short twigs, open to dense; flowers ± sessile. Flower: stamens 5; styles 3, free or ± fused. Fruit: spheric or ± flat, glabrous or glandular-hairy, generally ± red; pulp thin or thick, ± resinous.
± 150 species: warm temperate. (Greek: ancient name for sumac) [Yi et al. 2004 Molec Phylogen Evol 33:861–879]
Unabridged references: [Burke & Hamrick 2002 J Heredity 93:37–41; Miller et al. 2001 Int J Plant Sci 162:1401–1407; Li et al. 1999 J Torrey Bot Soc 126:279–288; Cronquist 1997 In: Intermountain Flora 3A: 313–315; Wannan & Quinn 1991 Bot J Linn Soc 107:349–385; Wannan & Quinn 1990 Bot J Linn Soc 103:225–252; Brizicky 1963 J Arnold Arbor 44:60–80; Barkley 1937 Ann Missouri Bot Gard 24:265–498]
Unabridged note: 2 species with pinnately compound leaves native to eastern North America, Utah, cultivated in California: Rhus glabra L., smooth sumac (petioles, young stems glabrous), Rhus typhina L., staghorn sumac (petioles, young stems densely hairy).

Key to Rhus

1. Leaves deeply lobed to ternate-compound, deciduous ..... R. aromatica

1' Leaves generally simple, unlobed, evergreen

2. Leaf generally flat, entire to toothed, tip ± obtuse; sepals green, glandular-ciliate ..... R. integrifolia

2' Leaf generally folded along midrib, entire, tip acute to acuminate; sepals red, ciliate ..... R. ovata


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