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Annual, perennial herb [to shrub], weak, stinging hairs 0 or few to many; monoecious or dioecious. Stem: branched or not, erect, spreading, or decumbent. Leaf: opposite, lanceolate to cordate, toothed, prominently 3–5-veined from base; crystals round to elongate. Inflorescence: head-, raceme-, or panicle-like. Staminate flower: sepals 4, ± free, green, sharp-bristly; stamens 4. Pistillate flower: sepals 4, ± free, outer 2 < inner 2. Fruit: lenticular to deltate, enclosed by 2 inner sepals.
± 45 species: especially temperate. (Latin: to burn, from stinging hairs)
Unabridged references: [Woodland 1982 Syst Bot 7:282–290]

Key to Urtica

1. Annual 1–6(8) dm; leaf blade 18–40(90) mm; inflorescence generally ± head- or spike-like, often < petiole, of staminate and pistillate flowers; fruit deltate ..... U. urens

1' Perennial herb 5–30 dm; leaf blade 60–200 mm; inflorescence raceme- or panicle-like, generally > petiole, of staminate or pistillate flowers; fruit ovate ..... U. dioica

2. Non-stinging hairs on stem, leaf 0 to ± dense, occasionally > 1 mm, those on abaxial veins appressed; stem green ..... subsp. gracilis

2' Non-stinging hairs on stem, leaf dense, < 1 mm, those on abaxial veins erect; stem gray-green ..... subsp. holosericea


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