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Hairs sparse to dense, stinging 0. Stem: branches from base, decumbent to erect, generally herbaceous. Leaf: alternate, blade 1–9 cm, lanceolate to round, entire; stipules 0; crystals round. Inflorescence: head-, spike-, or panicle-like, generally few-flowered; flowers subtended by involucre of 1–3 lance-linear bracts. Flower: sepals 4, fused below. Staminate flower: stamens 4. Fruit: ovoid, shiny.
20–30 species: worldwide temperate, subtropics. (Latin: wall, from habitat of some)
Unabridged references: [Hinton 1969 Sida 3:293–297]
Unabridged note: Parietaria floridana Nutt. collected as nursery weed in South Coast.

Key to Parietaria

1. Fruit ± black, tip acute; stem becoming woody ..... P. judaica

1' Fruit tan to ± brown or red-brown, tip obtuse; stem herbaceous

2. Leaf blade on older stems lanceolate to linear, base long-tapered, lowest veins from midrib well above blade base ..... P. pensylvanica

2' Leaf blade round to ovate or lanceolate on older stems, base truncate to wedge-shaped, lowest veins from midrib at blade base ..... P. hespera

3. Leaf blade round to ovate on older stems, width = length; calyx lobes spreading to recurved, acuminate ..... var. californica

3' Leaf blade ovate to lanceolate on older stems, width < length; calyx lobes erect, acute or abruptly narrowed below mucronate tip ..... var. hespera


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