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Annual. Stem: prostrate to erect, branched or not, glabrous. Leaf: opposite, sessile, linear to lanceolate [oblanceolate], with basal ear-like lobes. Inflorescence: axillary 1–5(14)-flowered cymes. Flower: radial, hypanthium bell- to urn-shaped, 4–8-ribbed; sepals 4, epicalyx lobes <= sepals, horn-like, thick; petals (0)4, obovate; stamens 4(5–12), exserted (included); style long, slender [short, stocky]. Fruit: capsule, ± spheric, wall smooth, not striate at 10×, thin, dry, splitting irregularly. Seed: many, ± 1 mm.
± 25 species: temperate, tropics. (Paul Ammann, German botanist, 1634–1691) [Graham et al. 2011 Bot J Linn Soc 166:1–19]
Unabridged etymology: (Paul Ammann, 1634–1691, director of medical garden, University of Leipzig, author of flora of Leipzig area, 1675)

Key to Ammannia

1. Longest peduncles 3–5(9) mm; petals deep rose-purple; fruit 3–5 mm wide ..... A. coccinea

1' Longest peduncles 0–3 mm; petals pale lavender; fruit 4–6 mm wide ..... A. robusta


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