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Carlos Aedo & Carmen Navarro

Annual, perennial herb. Leaf: simple to pinnately compound, cauline opposite; blade lanceolate to reniform in outline, puberulent or short-hairy, base cordate to truncate. Inflorescence: umbel. Flower: radial; stamens 5, free, alternate 5 scale-like staminodes. Fruit: mericarp body indehiscent, fusiform, 1-seeded, base sharply pointed, top generally with 1 pit on each side of beak segment, pits subtended by 1–4 ridges or not; beak segments stiffly hairy adaxially, generally twisted.
± 74 species: temperate America, Eurasia, northern Africa, Australia. (Greek: heron, from bill-like fruit) [Fiz et al. 2006 Syst Bot 31:739–763] Some cultivated for forage, dyes; "beak segments" sometimes called "awns" elsewhere. Erodium macrophyllum moved to genus California.
Unabridged references: [Guittonneau 1972 Boissiera 20:1–154]

Key to Erodium

1. Basal, lower cauline leaves pinnately compound, leaflets lobed to deeply dissected

2. Pits at top of mericarp without glands ..... E. cicutarium

2' Pits at top of mericarp with glands ..... E. moschatum

1' Basal, lower cauline leaves crenate to pinnately lobed to dissected, lobes or segments lobed to dissected, especially basal pair

3. Pits at top of mericarp with glands ..... E. malacoides

3' Pits at top of mericarp 0 or without glands

4. Sepals with glands, spreading hairs

5. Mericarp top with pits 0 or transversely narrow and inconspicuous, subtended by (2)3–4 glabrous ridges ..... E. botrys

5' Mericarp top with pits ± round, subtended by 1–2 ± hairy ridges ..... E. brachycarpum

4' Sepal without glands, with appressed hairs

6. Sepal hairs directed basally; petals < 0.8 cm ..... [E. cygnorum]

6' Sepal hairs directed apically; petals generally 0.7–1.5 cm ..... E. texanum


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